but first, barre
but first, barre
just a girl trying to change the world. But first … barre.


i first started blogging in december of 2012 as a challenge to myself to get back into writing, which is my true passion. i set a goal on december 31st, 2012 to not only start a blog but that on each day in 2013 i would write a post every single day. 365 days. 365 posts. at the time it seemed easy enough, but in all honesty going from no blog to everyday blog was a real challenge. but i stuck with my goal and as a result my blog turned into my platform for sharing with the world all of the great things that i love in life.

after about two years my life got really crazy and my blog took a backseat. each night the choice came down to sleep or blog and sadly sleep won most of the time. after my recent vacation - and some time to reflect - i've decided that i need to get back into writing and documenting all of the great things that i'm blessed to experience in life so i'm taking a fresh start with my website. 

i have a passion for traveling the world and trying new things, but no matter where i am, i always make time for working out. which is why but first, barre was born.

for as long as i can remember, i have been a girl filled with wanderlust and the desire to see every single inch of the world. i have had the opportunity to see many incredible places in my life yet I still have a very long list of places that I want to conquer (china and iceland for starters). my goal is to share my experiences and lessons learned with you and i hope that together we can live a great life.